Diplomat Fence is composed of steel or aluminium panels with crimped spear-top pickets. This is highly effective in providing perimeter security protection for school, industrial and commercial properties. This is also known as

  • Spear Top Fence
  • Garrison Fence
  • Hercules Fence



Tubular Fence is composed of lightweight aluminium or steel panels with round pickets. This is commonly used in gardens and playgrounds. Tubular panels come in multiple designs such as

  • Flat Top
  • Loop Top
  • Rod Top
  • and more …



Chainwire Fence is composed of galvanised steel wires or PVC coated steel wires woven into diamond patterns. This is usually installed in boundaries, sports enclosures and substations. This is also called as

  • Chainlink Fence
  • Chainmesh Fence
  • Cyclone Fence


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Pool Fence is a fence type that surrounds the pool area to enhance pool safety. It helps reduce pool accidents and drownings as it restricts young children to access the pool area without adult guidance. Pool fences are designed with strict standards of durability, sturdiness, and non-climbable.


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Sliding Gates are gates that rolls on a wheel on the front bottom edge of the gate and uses a ground mounted track for the wheels to roll on. Sliding gates requires little space and is a solution for those who have a steep driveway.


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Paling fence is a fence type often used for domestic boundaries. Paling fence qualifies privacy as it hides the inside of your property from neighbors’ sight.


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Retaining Wall are rigid structure that supports solid mass behind it. It provides support for keeping soil in place, prevents damage of property or surrounding structures and erosion. Retaining walls are used to restrain soils in elevated areas often terrains with undesirable slopes or landscapes that needs to be shaped.


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Pedestrian fences are safety barriers designed to guide and protect pedestrians where the risk of hazards exits. It is commonly seen on roads and implements safety and public control.


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Sound protect fence is a special sound blocking barrier that lessens the amount of noise entering your property. The Height and mass of the fence or barrier are the two main things to consider for a sound reduction barrier.


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Electric Fence is a barrier used to keep animals and humans from crossing a boundary. Electric fences are used to enhance security of restricted area and are mostly used in agricultural fencing and other forms of animal control.


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Fauna fences are wildlife friendly fences constructed to protect native wildlife animals. It encloses the wildlife’s territory without harming them to prevent those wildlife animals from crossing the human territory such as roads.


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Weldmesh is a metal screen wire or barrier that is manufactured in square or rectangular mesh made up of stainless steel or carbon steel wire. It is widely used in agricultural and industrial industry, mines, machine protection and alikes.


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Palisade Fence is designed for locations that required high-level security and sturdy protection. Palisade creates a secure barrier mostly used in public and commercial places and also in large industrial areas. It is popular for its high damage resistance and it is for the fact a difficult climb.


Glass fence is a type of fence mostly used around the pool area or properties with aesthetic views. It promotes low maintenance and elegance that allows advantages of a fence without blocking the view in the process.


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Colourbond fence is a type of fence which is made out of a pre-painted colorbond steel. It is great in appearance and easy to maintain. Colorbond won’t rot, have low risk to termites, non-combustible and resists instances of fire.


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Rural Fence can be made from variety of materials depending on the location, terrain, or assets to be protected. It commonly uses plain or barbed wires to create a barrier. It’s function is to protect animals, crop areas and prevent animals from going in or out of specified areas.


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Guardrail are boundary fence commonly placed at the edge of a highway with danger points. These railings prevent access to off-limits or dangerous areas and are also used in facility setting to protect assets and/or expensive equipment.